Legacy Modernization
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UST Global views legacy modernization as a catalyst for unlocking new opportunities and providing clients with maximum business value.

By selectively trading expensive legacy hardware and software for commodity platforms, and by bringing the information they contain into the digital infrastructure, we help our clients reduce total cost of ownership while surfacing unique and actionable insights into the markets and customers they serve. In addition, externalizing embedded business rules accelerates speed-to-value for our clients, making them more responsive to changing policies and procedures.

When driven by roadmaps and guided by customer satisfaction and the end-user experience, legacy modernization provides clients with sustained business advantage.

The business value of legacy systems and data increases as it is brought into the digital world
Externalizing business rules from applications significantly increases business agility
Re-hosting legacy applications on next-generation servers can reduce TCO by up to 50%

UST Global legacy modernization services help clients refresh their IT infrastructure and platforms through a variety of transformational services. Our services are prescribed based on the nature of existing systems, business objectives and your strategic direction.

Assessment & Strategy
  • Legacy Assessment
  • Modernization Strategy & Roadmap
  • Implementation Planning
Legacy Enablement
  • Knowledge Engineering
  • Performance Optimization
  • Application Reengineering
  • Service Enablement
  • Business Rule Externalization
Legacy Migration
  • Application Rehosting on High-Performance, Low-Cost Platforms
  • Application Rewriting using the Latest Technology Platforms
  • Database Migration
Bridging Legacy & Digital

A selective, ROI-based portfolio approach to applying modernization tools and frameworks

360° Requirements Mining

Mine requirements and business rules from user bases, codebases, databases and existing test packs to ensure completeness and correctness

Zero-Budget Modernization

Quickly generate TCO benefits with rapid migration to more efficient and more affordable next-generation platforms

High Velocity Modernization

Accelerate time to value by maximizing automation and leveraging our highly skilled resource pool