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Digital transformation is taking the retail world by storm. Whether helping businesses meet the expectations of socially-connected mobile shoppers or optimizing supply chains for maximum efficiency, UST Global leads the way in today’s rapidly changing retail landscape. Born of success in the Fortune 100, our digital solutions and consulting expertise drive competitive advantage by creating stronger, more beneficial connections between customers, retailers and partners.

Customer-Centric Solutions

Tailored solutions for big box, supermarket, grocery, pharmaceutical, apparel and consumer packaged goods

Supporting the World's Top Retailers

Preferred, long-term digital technology service partner to 12 of the world’s top 20 retailers, including 2 of the world’s top 3 mega retailers

Services at Scale

Supporting over 2 million customer journeys everyday around the world. Production support for over 100,000 point-of-sale nodes.

Changes in customer behavior and technology are transforming the retail market. This new landscape, driven by advances in e-commerce, mobility and business-to-business applications, brings both opportunities and complex challenges for retailers.

Consumers have greater expectations for product value, choice and availability, while retailers face strategic, operational and organizational issues such as real-time stock visibility, consumer loyalty, data security and multi-channel capability. Now more than ever, UST Global insights are providing a crucial edge for businesses in the rapidly shifting and highly competitive retail market.

80% of retailers will use proximity sensors to connect with customers within two years
To be loyal, customers demand engagement at an emotional level

Consumers value personalized offers, but will not tolerate invasion of privacy

‘First mile’ insights are transforming ‘last mile’ interactions

Deep learning neural algorithms are enhancing the customer experience

UST Global has been a trusted consulting partner to the world’s largest retail brands for over fifteen years. Today, we offer a broad range of solutions, each with end-to-end design, execution and production services.

Our expertise includes merchandising, catalog and order management, supply chain management, online payment and fulfillment, post-sales and customer service and loyalty systems.

Our difference is rooted in highly customized solutions and consulting services with a focus on mobile, e-commerce, social, analytics and human-centered design.

Strategy & Advisory Services
  • eCommerce - New Models
  • International Expansion Strategies
  • Impact Analysis of Urbanization & Changing Demographics
  • Process Optimization
  • Integrated Retail Merchandising
  • Warehouse Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Cold Chain – Farm-to-Fork
  • Digital Store – Connected Innovation
  • Retail Analytics
  • IoT/Mobility
  • Social Edge
  • Information Security – Cyber Edge