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UST Global’s Semiconductor Business provides end-to-end engineering and technology services in pre and post Silicon development ranging from RTL Design to GDSII, Silicon Validation, Board Design & Characterization. It also offers configurable SoC Platform & Systems to build state-of-the-art IPs and Custom ASICs for a wide range of industry segment. These customizable platform and systems are intended to accelerate the product development cycle of our clients worldwide, with the best of the technologies being available to utilize.

For many semiconductor clients, UST Global is a trusted extension of their own product teams.

Trusted Partner

Our domain experts and strong focus on customer-driven solutions ensure semiconductor clients deliver the right products to market

Innovative Delivery Models

We support multiple on-demand delivery models across existing and new geographies which rapidly scale up and down to meet your requirements

Market Enablement

We collaborate with clients on joint go-to-market initiatives, innovative client engagements and outside-the-box sales and marketing strategies

UST Global believes in advanced and disruptive technologies and engages with clients to build cutting edge products to make this world a better place. We work with our clients hand-on-hand to solve new problems and generate an eco-system of innovation and opportunities.

By recognizing trends in digital transformation, UST Global is helping clients develop new products and revenue streams while driving competitive advantage and customer loyalty

The Drone Explosion

Drones are transforming business dynamics in every market sector, creating opportunity for new custom semiconductors

Automation & IoT Farming

Controlled environment agriculture and automated systems that regulate climate, energy and plant growth are creating a new silicon frontiers

Demand for Perpetual Inventory

Achieve predictive inventory control and optimal stock maintenance by converting visual images to analytics using RealSense 3D object scan

Our technology services include RTL2GDS, Post Silicon Validation, Board Design and Char, FPGA Design and Validation, Embedded SW in various engagement models like TurnKey, ODC, Captive Centers, T&M / Staff Augmentation and BOT. Our services are defined by integrated approaches, an innovative mindset, and strong project & program management expertise.

We engage at all levels of design & development process aptly suited for the clients in order to build the best in class new generation products with a focus on quality and time-to-market.

VLSI Design
  • ASIC / FPGA RTL Design
  • Functional Verification
  • Physical Design & Signoff
  • Design for Testing
  • Circuit Design & Analog Layout
  • Soft / Hard IP Development
  • Custom ASIC Design
VLSI Validation
  • FPGA Validation
  • DFX Validation
  • Bench Characterization
  • Pattern Generation & Testing
  • Post-silicon Validation
  • ATE
  • BIOS
  • Device Drivers
  • BSP Development
  • Multimedia Codec Development
  • Pre-silicon & Post-silicon Firmware Development
Board Design
  • Board design and development
  • Prototyping & Assembly
  • Testing and Validation
  • Board Characterization
  • Application specific design
Lab & Center Operations
  • Lab Setup and Engineering management
  • Offshore development center management to support business operations worldwide
  • Center of Excellence for major clients
Upcoming Technologies
  • Prototype Development
  • IoT Matchmaking
  • Innovate Client Engagement & Marketing
  • Secure & Rapid System Integration
  • IoT Maintenance & Support